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Metal Pipe Network


Chalmers University Prototype

In 2020, Chalmers University of Technology confirmed that Graytec USA's Blue Circle System saved up to 90% of the water used in bathrooms' sinks, showers, and bathtubs at its HSB Living Lab in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Over 50% of the electricity used to heat that water was also conserved.  Additional testing is ongoing.

Multifamily Apartments in Taberg, Sweden

Graytec AB was contracted in 2021 by its client, Junehem (a Swedish public housing developer) to provide Blue Eco Systems to reuse water for 10 multifamily apartment buildings numbering at 30 units per structure.  Graytec AB has delivered for all buildings as they have come available for installation, despite COVID19's construction slowdown.  According to Junehem, 300 cubic meters of water are annually saved using our indirect water reuse systems, per apartment unit. 

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